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The pandemic is forcing some profound changes, and many people are experiencing trauma. The novel COVID virus imposes a threat to the lives of health of people we love. The soical distancing measures imposed or taken voluntarily may be forcing emotional and mental distress upon many in our communities. The economic results of the pandemic and social distancing practicing are certainly causing many people to suffer agonizing loss of material security and wealth. In some areas the high rates of death and prolonged illness create a tragic and grief-filled situation, and flare-ups in the disease could bring such health crises to communities that have not suffered much yet. In these times, people of faith can offer support and encouragement, and help us see each other with love and foreberance. We can offer an anecdote to urges many must feel to embrace divisive and angry responses to their trauma.

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In normal times, the GSIA typically has its monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month. Members and guests tend to arrive around 11:30 to 11:45, bringing their own lunches, and socializing before the speaker begins. The program then starts at noon, and usually runs until 1:30. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we still hold our meetings, but we typically do so using Zoom technology for videoconferencing rather than meeting face-to-face. Our typical meeings involve more than ten persons, so this will continue at least until the Springfield area (Region 3, Central Regions) moves into Phase Four (Revitalization). As of Fall in 2020, the Pandemic remains a threat to persons who meet in any poorly ventilated indoor space, so we continue to hold our meetings using Zoom. While the death rate seems to have declined since the Spring, still many people are getting very sick or dying, and we continue to practice safe social distancing.

Our Next Meeting

November meetings.
November 3, 2020 at 11:45 - 1:30 (election day)
November 22, 2020, Sunday evening (Thanksgiving Humanitarian of the Year Meeting)
December 1, 2020, Final General Meeting of the year.

The humanitarian award nominations will be reviewed October 27th

Humanitarian of the Year Nomination Form (pdf)


The Pandemic in Our Community

A few resources to track what is going on in Illinois


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A Message About the Pandemic

As our Governor has just outlined in the 5-phase regional plan to reopen the state for business, education and recreational activities, we as the members of the Greater Springfield Interfaith Association wish to encourage our fellow citizens to proceed with a heightened sense of stewardship and mindfulness, caution and determination. We acknowledge the anguish of uncertainty that marks this time we’re living through and celebrate those leaders and ordinary citizens who have demonstrated compassion throughout this pandemic. Whether we act through the prism of our various faith traditions or simply as a patriotic response of concern for the common good, we commend one and all.

We also recognize the great importance of seeing the return to a relative normalcy and affirm that this can be a both/and proposition: a time to exercise great caution while acting with prudence so that our economic engine can resume its full operation for the benefit of all. In a sense, this proposition of moving into the third phase of reopening (as hospitals and public health officials note the reduction in the numbers of people becoming infected) is like approaching a bridge that was ravaged by a flashflood; separating us from our homes. A few qualified engineers would first examine that bridge before testing its weight to bear any traffic. With safety measures taken, small groups of pedestrians would utilize the bridge even as repairs continued until regular vehicular traffic was allowed. As Dr. Kemia Sarraf recently noted in a letter to the Chatham community, it serves us well not to become mired in either narrative of becoming frozen in fear nor reckless in disdain. Instead, let us all come into the middle ground of forward action that bears the marks of mutual regard in accord with the dignity of all humankind.

Resources and groups in Sangamon County

These links will help you or your congregation find organizations that provide food & clothing assistance.   


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